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Under Hood




About myChart

This Application supports:
  • various Operation Systems with Java Virtual Machine from 1.4 version installed
  • logging system
  • user help and program info system as built-in HTTP server
  • single file (green) installation
  • myChart™ gives an excellent WYSIWYG possibility to see and manipulate flowcharts of two-dimensional graphical objects arranged in a scrollable, zoomable window
  • in bundle with Lotus Notes™ myChart™ as Java™ Library allows you to create and update charts with imagemaps in notes document. Application saves and update vector and graphic data
  • another great possibility that allows myChart is to create and update HTML IMAGEMAPS! and animated! GIFs for charts.
  • myChart include new GIF Frame Encoder, that encapsulates the fastest and the best colour quantizer based on Xiaolin Wu Algorithm and 6 selectable error diffusion dithering Algorithms for distributing the resulting colour errors to neighbouring pixels.
  • charts available also in following formats: PNG, JPEG and scalable vector graphic format SVG.
    (Lotus Notes client accept only GIF and JPEG formats).

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