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Welcome on Edgar Miltinch's home page!

If You are looking for IBM Lotus Notes database designer and Java architect and need stable, fast, simple and comfortable solutions, then You are right here!
  • I would like to present some software i have developed.
  • With IBM Lotus Notes You can quickly develop business processes and then change them.
  • And with Java may develop nearly any OS independent Application.
  • I will answer any programming request quickly
  • You will find contact information here.
  • Any comments are welcome. You can leave comments for any page over the link on the top feedback or over e-mail link in the bottom-left edge.
  • Many of functionality e.g.
    • download of applications
    • send current page to an e-mail address
    • create new Main Topics on forums
      is available only for registered users. You may register over the link on the top
Certified for IBM Lotus Software
Edgar Miltinch

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