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Under Hood




eFTP Installation

  • System requirement: Java Virtual Machine version 1.4 or higher installed
  • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista and other WIN32 based operating systems
    Copy the
    ftp-client.exe file into directory of your choice *.
    Application could be started from there or by using the shortcut from any place.
  • Other operating systems e.g. Linux or Mac OS
    Copy the
    ftp-client.jar file into directory of your choice.
    Application could be started from there
    with command line:
    java -Xms64m -jar ftp-client.jar
    on Linux a launcher could be created

Commandline options:
  • --connect
    connect to the remote server using last configuration just after start of application
  • --stub file|directory
    stub delete file or directory (recursive) and exit

Note: XML configuration file "eFTP.XML" will be automaticaly created by the application and will be updated in the same directory by the end of each session.

* Known limitations
  • On Microsoft Windows platforms the absolute path can contain only US-ASCII and may contain defined at OS level codepage characters.

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