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Under Hood




Who needs this Application?

  • Scenario one
    Your Enterprise has a large file pool, than does not fit in any database and needs to be replicated. The test replication of Notes database with 4 documents with attachments of summary length of 400 Mb took 3:42 minutes. The same file replication over FTP took only 0:45 (~20%) on the same systems and disks.
  • Scenario two
    Your Developer team works with large shared source file pool (e.g. Java or C++ source, resources and classes), which needs to be up-to-date on laptops, inside the firm, at home and remotely as well
  • Scenario three
    Your mobile or traveling employee required secure FTP connection to the company server with less administrative adjustments on Lotus Notes infrastructure
  • Scenario four
    You need a simple and reliable FTP client freeware application
  • Scenario five
    Easy adjustable file replication with/over multiple server
  • Scenario six
    Simple maintanance of your files storage
  • Scenario seven
    For fast daily backups.

    ... and many others reasons to convert your daily routine tasks in just a few mouse clicks operation

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