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Under Hood




ftp-server Installation

  1. Copy "ftp-server.jar" to:
    1. Domino program directory on Windows 32 Systems.
    2. Domino data directory on UNIX Systems. Usually /local/notesdata
  2. Copy "disp.dll" to Domino program directory only on Windows 32 OS with Domino 6 version.
    This library is necessary for UTF-8 filename support under JVM 1.3.
  3. On UNIX systems the LANG system variable must be set to xx_XX.UTF-8, where xx_XX is language and country (e.g. de_DE or en_US) and UTF-8 is filename encoding!
  4. Copy "ftp-server.settings" and "ftp-server.groups" to:
    1. Domino program directory on Windows 32 Systems.
    2. Domino data directory on UNIX Systems.
  5. Edit "notes.ini" file:
    • Add entry "JavaUserClasses=D:\Lotus\Domino\ftp-server.jar"
      Replace "D:\Lotus\Domino\" with absolute ftp-server.jar path.
    • Edit entry "ServerTasks=" and add "RunJava addin.Ftp"
    • add JavaEnableJIT=1 to increase performance.
    • You may need to increase e.g. JavaMinHeapSize=128MB and JavaMaxHeapSize=512MB also.
  6. If you want to use FTPS mode, edit java.security file and add two security providers:


    Usualy this section after edit will be:

    # List of providers and their preference orders (see above):

    java.security file is located in: %domino_program_directory%/jvm/lib/security
  7. If you use the 'router' setting for the passive FTP mode outside the intranet, then you may need to set:


    in the 'java.security' file. If you have a dynamic IP address. The settings above tells to cache the DNS queries (negative & positive) for 10 seconds. The default setting for positive queries is infinite time.
  8. Type "load RunJava addin.Ftp" to start FTP Server Add in on Domino console.
    You may need to edit setings and groups files.
  9. "ftp-server.REQ" file with license request, will be generated after the first start of the application.
  10. Send an e-mail to e@miltinch.homedns.org with the attached "request file" .
  11. After your data proof, you will receive the "ftp-server.LIC" "license file".
  12. Save "license file" to:
    1. domino program directory on Windows 32 Systems.
    2. domino data directory on UNIX Systems.
  13. Restart FTP Server Add in with "load RunJava addin.Ftp"
  14. Done!
  15. For best performance, please use (in order of priority):
    1. Domino 7 for Linux
    2. Enable JIT
    3. RAM from 1 Gb
    4. Fast hard drives
    5. Frequently defragment working hard drive partition(s)
    6. Additional network card
    7. Additional CPU(s)
  • Remember! Add in runs with Domino Server user and file system access rights.

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