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Under Hood




Frequently asked questions

  1. Is there drag-and-drop functionality?
    Yes, but only inter-application.
  2. Why the first replication of the same directory takes more time than next one?
    Because the operating system caches file structure requests.
  3. Why while i have only one SSL certificate, it worked, but after second one - not?
    You must select in the "configuration screen" server certificate and your keypair for current server.
  4. I connect to FTP server and replication actions are grayed out. Why?
    That because those actions are enabled only, when server responds to FEAT command with RZREP feature. And that is only Domino Server add in.
  5. Why on my new dual core computer all animations are shown, but on my older notebook not?
    That because all animations and progress info refresh threads have minimal priority to give maximal processor time for background tasks.
  6. Sometimes the copy animation stops for short time and then go. Why?
    That are data socket time-outs, probably the remote server is busy or the network is overloaded.
  7. Sometimes when i connect to remote server, i become error message socket read time-out. What can i do?
    You may need to increase socket time-out in the configuration screen.
  8. On some slow connections application just stops and shows working icon in status bar. Why?
    You may need to decrease socket time-out in the configuration screen.
  9. I just copy the ftp-client file to other directory and all my configurations and certificates are lost. Why?
    Just becourse the eFTP.XML and eFTP.keystore files must be copied too.
  10. I'm uploading a couple files to the remote server and become error message 'file not found' in the console. Why?
    You have enabled resume broken uploads for this server and application try to determine how long is that file on the server.
  11. I become the error message "Can't find the main class" or "Jar file could not be found", if i start application?
    Please refer the installation page.
  12. What a hell is going on?
    i really don't know... difficult to say..

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