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Under Hood




Domino Console Commands

tell ftp help
te ftp he
display help screen
tell ftp version
te ftp ve
display program version info's and Notes version
tell ftp show certificate
te ftp sh ce
display certificate info
tell ftp show settings
te ftp sh se
display contents of ftp-server.settings file
tell ftp show groups
te ftp sh gr
display contents of ftp-server.groups file
tell ftp show info
te ftp sh in
display session's info in form:
FTP: (1) 5FC62A12 active Thread[(2),5,main] <(3)SSL>(4)Edgar Miltinch/EdM/DE (5)[RZREP] (6)20,1 sec
  1. sessionID
  2. remote IP
  3. optional: protocol
  4. Notes name
  5. optional: active command (if any)
  6. session control socket inactivity time
tell ftp show memory
te ftp sh me
display memory, thread and system property info window.
Does not work under headless environment.
tell ftp cert [ROOT|username]
te ftp ce [ROOT|username]
make a new root SSL X.509 certificate;
create or replace a X.509 user certificate, keypair and save it as 'shortName.keystore'
tell ftp mail [username]
te ftp ma [username]
create or replace a X.509 user certificate, keypair and mails it to using Notes mail
tell ftp drop [sessionID|all]
te ftp dr [sessionID|all]
drop's one (over sessionID ) or all sessions
tell ftp set [Variable] [Value]
te ftp se [Variable] [Value]
set's any of ftp-server.settings file entry.
Note that you can change only variables, that are in this file (you can't add a new one)
te ftp group <group_name>=<r|-><w|-><x|-><a|->,<UU>:<DD>,<root_path[*]>
te ftp delete group [group]
te ftp del gr [group]
delete a group from ftp-server.groups file
te ftp delete certificate [username]
te ftp del ce [username]
delete a certificate for specified user
te ftp quit
te ftp q
terminate ftp-server

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