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Under Hood




You have Nokia™ * Smartphone S60 or Symbian^3 and use IBM Lotus Notes™ client, then you will love this simple, fast and comfortable Application, wich consists from 7 main parts and some other functionality:
    • Notes
      This part replicates Active notes and "simple" Notes on Nokia™ device with Notes Database.
    • Messages
      This part stores your Short Messages and Multimedia Messages in Notes Database. Additionally you can create SM or MM as Notes Document and send it.
    • Audio
      This part stores Audio messages from Nokia Device in the Lotus Notes Database.
    • Images
      This part stores your Nokia Device Images (photos) in the Lotus Notes Database as in-line images, creates thumbnails and the most important
      (inclusive geo- tags) EXIF information table. Additionally you can rotate, export images with EXIF information and import images from any Windows folder.
    • Contacts
      Synchronizes standard Lotus Notes Personal Address Book with the phone contacts. This part works with the S40 Series too.
    • Calendar
      Synchronizes standard Lotus Notes Calendar (Personal Mail Database) with the phone calendar.
      This part works with the S40 Series too.
    • Bookmarks
      Synchronizes the phone Bookmarks with the Bookmarks database.
  • Application is green consists only from one executable file (does not need installation) and up to 7 Notes Databases.
    You have full control over it in your computer.
  • Latest Version supports Symbian^3 devices: Nokia E7, Nokia C6, Nokia C7, Nokia N8


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