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Under Hood



Main Dialog



  1. File
    Opens the File Menu
  2. Action
    Opens the Action menu
  3. Device
    Opens the Device menu
  4. Help
    Opens the Help Menu
  5. Application Minimize Button
    Minimizes the Application Main Window to the system tray
  6. Phone Listbox
    Shows currently connected devices
  7. Device Properties Listcontrol
    Shows the Properties of currently connected and selected device
  8. Notes Button
    Starts Notes Replication Action (Thread)
  9. Messages Button
    Starts Messages Action (Thread)
  10. Audio Button
  11. Images Button
  12. Notes Settings Tab
  13. Messages Settings Tab
  14. Audio Settings Tab
  15. Images Settings Tab
  16. Notes Databse Selection Button
  17. Default Device Folder Selection Button
  18. Additional Device Folder Selection Button
  19. Application Main Progress Bar
  20. Application Additional Progress Bar
  21. Application Log Listbox
  22. Application Status Label
  23. From Device received byte count
  24. To Device sent byte count
  25. Notes Database Selection Button
  26. Messages life length slider
  27. Notes Database Selection Button
  28. Device Audio Folder Selection Button
  29. Audio Files life length slider
  30. Notes Database Selection Button
  31. Device Images Folder Selection Button
  32. Images life length slider
  33. Windows Folder Selection Button
  34. Create Startup Shortcut Menu Item
  35. Create Desktop Shortcut Menu Item
  36. Remove Shortcuts Menu Item
  37. Exit Menu Item
  38. Notes Action Menu Item
  39. Messages Action Menu Item
  40. Audio Action Menu Item
  41. Images Action Menu Item
  42. All Actions Menu Item
  43. Device Rename Menu Item
  44. Device Pair Menu Item
  45. Windows Tray Menu
  46. Restore Menu Item
  47. Check Version Menu Item

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