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Under Hood



Frequently asked questions

  1. Why M$ Windows and C++?
    First: the application reads and writes Notes Richtext - it is possible only with Lotus Notes C API.
    Second: The Nokia PC Connectivity API are available (supported) only for C++
  2. Why ActiveNotes and not Lotus Traveler?
    Lotus Traveler is a Domino Server add-in and has limited features compared to ActiveNotes. ActiveNotes application does not need the server (that is not always available e. g. outside the office etc.) and offers Active notes replication with support of images, attachments and more text properties. The main reason of ActiveNotes is to have Notes Database and corresponding Active notes on device identical.
  3. How to install ActiveNotes?
    Application consists from one executable file. It must be saved in Lotus Notes program folder.
  4. Which phones are supported?
    Generally Nokia Symbian S60 devices (e.g. E90) and Symbian^3 devices.
  5. Support for attachments?
  6. Support for in-line and attached images?
  7. Can i create MMS in PC and send it?
  8. Why pictures in ActiveNotes are scaled in Lotus Notes Database?
    They are scaled to fit on DIN A4 page.

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