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Under Hood




  • System requirements:
    • Microsoft Windows 2000 and above
    • Nokia OVI Suite or above with Nokia PC Connectivity API: DM-39, CA-43, FS-33 and CF-10
      installed, but not necessary running
    • Properly installed and configured IBM Lotus Notes Client 7.0 and above
      Client Version 8.5 and above for Contacts and Calendar
      • If You don't want to enter password any time you call the Application: enable the option under File > Security > User Security, and then under the Security Basics tab, there is a check box labeled:
        "Don't prompt for a password from other Notes based programs."

        (In R7 and earlier, its under a similar menu item, I think labeled just "User ID.")
    • Nokia Smartphones Series60 and Symbian^3 (are generally supported)
      some functions may be available for other Nokia phones
    • Support for USB, Bluetooth or Infrared connection on PC side
  • Installation
    • It is a good practice to download Templates and Application executable before you buy Licenses for test purposes.
    • Download and save Application executable in Lotus Notes program folder (e.g. D:\Lotus\Notes8 or C:\Program Files\Lotus Notes)
    • Download Notes Templates and create Databases based on.
    • Start Application
    • You can also try to install an application to the phone for testing purpose.


  • If your phone does not support Summer Time - just change Time Zone (in Summer +1 Hour e.g. from Zone +2 to +3)

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