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Under Hood



About Notes

Active notes Nokia Application

Nokia’s Eseries phones tend to come with a lot of relatively unknown productivity/business software. Now all S60 phones (Eseries devices included) come with the regular Notes application, which is fairly simple and offers a quick interface for writing and sending short notes. It’s not bad, it’s just limited. Active Notes builds on the same interface as Notes, but also throws in a number of cool features:

  • Folder/notes organization – Allows you to group notes by folder and sort by different criteria
  • Basic text transformation options – Lets you change text formatting – add colored text, bold, italic, and underline
  • Link note to call – I love this feature. Select a contact, and your note will appear whenever you’re voice connected to the person

Another cool Feature is: S60 Device Search. You can find any Active note by keyword in just few seconds!

From now Active notes is a freeware for any Series60 phone. What you can do with Active notes on device:

  • create, edit notes at any place, any time
  • Link note to call. Select a contact, and your note will appear whenever you’re voice connected to the person
  • embedded objects – drop a number of different file types: image, sound/video file, bookmark, business card, or just a general file into a note
  • send entire note as Multimedia Message or to other Nokia smartphone

The ActiveNotes Application

replicates the Active Notes and old style "simple" Notes on your device with a Notes Database (template ActiveNotes). It is simply great to have one Notes Database with all the Active notes at one place to read and edit! On device are supported and will be replicated:

  • Formatted Text (bold, italic...)
  • Text color
  • Paragraph (only new line)
  • Graphics (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG)
  • Folder/notes organization
  • Attachments (any)

If your Notes Richtext has other features (like tables etc.) those will be lost if the note will be edited on device and replicated.

This is a full replication solution.

The ActiveNotes Template

On the Lotus Notes side is one or more Databases based on ActiveNotes Template. This Database will contain your Active and "simple" Notes. With this Database you can:

  • create new Active or simple Note
  • edit any Note
  • paste ! any Notes Document. All Richtext fields will be merged into one and other fields will be listed there.
  • start replication via Agent or Button in the view
  • categorize one or multiple Notes (on Device it will be Folder structure) via Agent

Known Limitations
  • Symbian^3 devices (C7, N8 etc.) not have the Active Notes Application. But you can still synchronize your plain Notes.

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