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Under Hood



About Messages

The Messages Application

archives your Short & Multimedia Messages (SMS & MMS) in a Notes Database (template Messages). It will be never again: "Where is my SMS , that i have received 3 months ago?" And additionally you can create SM or MM in the Notes Database and the Application will transfer it to device with status tracking. Short messages have only text (Subject) field, but Multimedia messages are created from rich-text field with support of:

  • Paragraph (only new line)
  • Graphics (BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG)
  • Text
  • Attachments (any)

any other rich-text features (like tables etc.) will be lost. Another limit is summary size of the MMS is 300 kb. You can decrease the size of message with graphics by sizing of in-line images.

The Messages Template

On the Lotus Notes side is one or more Databases based on Messages Template. This Database will contain your messages. With this Database you can:

  • paste any Lotus Notes document and it will be converted into a MM
  • quickly answer to message using reply button in message form

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